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Hello world!

Posted on December 02, 2011 by admin

Welcome to my website and blog.  I hope we’ll all be happy together.

If you’ve read my bio, then you know I’m a (mostly) self-taught cook.  I never went to culinary school, but I have plenty of practice and real-world experience in the kitchen.  I have had the opportunity to work with great local as well as world-renowned chefs and cookbook authors.  I’ve learned lessons from each and every one of them.  Both good and bad.

I’ll really only post when I have something to say.  I’ll share my musings on food, the politics of food, food people, restaurants, cookbooks, recipe development, etc.

I won’t get into debates about who has the best cheeseburger, pork belly, wine list, etc..  Food is a very subjective thing.  Everyone has their opinion.  What I think is good may be sawdust for someone else.  Opposing opinions are fine; just don’t expect me to get into a fight about it.

Please give me feedback.  That’s how I learn.  If you feel the need to criticize, fine.  But, please do it constructively.  Any comments I deem to be rude or offensive will be removed and the poster runs the risk of being blocked.

I also like photography. So, expect lots of pictures.


Again, welcome.  I hope we can all have some fun together.




Fresh Sea Scallops. Borough Market, South Bank, London. June 2011.



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  1. Hello, yourself! This is Christine Perkins. What a joy to see you in blog world!

    • Sahar says:

      Howdy, Miss Christine. I’m gonna try this blog thing. See how it works out. It goes along with my class menus. I’m trying to start up a small teaching operation. It’s all about me.

      I hope you’re well.


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